Chicago Safe Start at Family Focus Englewood

We help children age 5 and under who have witnessed
or experienced violence and their families.

Who do we help?

We help families from Englewood, West Englewood and surrounding communities. Families are referred by community agencies and health care providers, or come because they have learned about the program at schools, resource fairs, or by talking to other families.  

How do we help?

We screen young children for exposure to violence and provide mental health services for children and their families. Services are tailored to the individual concerns and goals of each family.  

Counseling Services

Intensive mental health services include individual counseling for children and adults and family counseling, plus educational groups for adults and violence-prevention classes for pre-kindergartners. Ongoing support is provided through other programming at our center and through individual follow-up. Families are referred for additional counseling and mental health services as needed.  

Raising awareness

We provide education workshops for parents, neighborhood groups, teachers and other service providers. Also, we present information at local resource fairs and community-wide violence awareness events.  

You can help

Join the Englewood Safe Start Council. The Council meets bimonthly to:

  • ensure access to services for all young children who have been exposed to violence and their families
  • increase community awareness of the negative impact of exposure to violence

For more information:
call 773-962-0366 and ask for Kate