Family Focus is proud to be selected as one of the 2014 Top-Rated Nonprofits.

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This success story comes directly from the voice of a former participant. Dujon C. Smith, now a graduate of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, spent a large part of his youth at the Evanston center.Dujon wrote to us to shed light specifically on the incredible influence JoAnn Avery, one of our Program Coordinators, has had on his life and his successes. Dujon is one of the many participants JoAnn has impacted, as she recently celebrated her 33rd year with Family Focus. We thank Dujon for sharing his inspirational story!


  • I wanted to dance just like other girls did. But we didn't have the money and transporation for dance class. [Family Focus] helped me overcome this obstacle.

                            -Haide, Age 13


    I love ballet [but] the classes are too expensive for my family...and the program [at Family Focus] helped me to get a scholarship. I am more responsible and I put more effort into what I do.

                            -Juliana, Age 11

  • "[My dream] is for my sons to go to college, my daughter too, so they can have a better life.” Rivera looked at her newly-secured citizenship certificate. “It’s not too late for me either now that I have this,” Francisca Rivera

  • “I made a good choice in coming to the Family Focus program,” reflected Jamilla Chatman, “I feel better than what I did. I was failing, but now I’m doing a lot better!”

  • "Before the class, I didn't know walking, standing and leaning may help stimulate contractions, and that kneeling may relieve back pain and hemorrhoids. I'm glad I attended the Prenatal classes." - Antone Robinson, teen father

  •  "I was thankful my doula was at my birth. I thanked her for her services before she left the hospital".-- Gabrielle Young, teen mother


Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014


Strategic Plan Executive Summary

From a single drop-in center in Evanston, Illinois, Family Focus now provides holistic family support services to over 20,000 individuals through programming, outreach, and crisis services.